Spring Cleaning!

Well, we just got 9 inches of snow earlier this, the first week of March, but Daylight Savings Time is this weekend so Spring is in the air.  [Can't even complain really since this Winter has been pretty mild for the most part.  Plus snow on the ground means my kids get to go sled riding, throw snowballs and fuck around which is fun for them]

So time for some Spring Cleaning of some old posts that I've been meaning to do for a loooong time.  More updates to come, time permitting.

THE MEL "BLOCK ROCK WALK / MODEST LIVING" 7" = Added a much better scan of the back of the sleeve.  I acquired some additional scans of the cool foldout sleeve, including the front and the inside of the sleeve which has lyrics to both songs and some trippy artwork.  Also included a scan of the stickers that originally came with the record.  Nice packaging, eh.

JOHNNY'S "SPY FOR YOUR LOVE" 7"EP = Out of the blue, someone sent me scans of both labels (thanks so much again, eBay seller popularjam!). So I can finally remove that lame picture from the original posting and the apology for not having any pictures.

HOMO ELECTRICA "BEAT ON / SURVIVER" 7" = I just wanted to insert a better scan (which I did) of the sleeve to this posting from early 2008.  But in the process of looking for a better scan I stumbled upon the fact that the band reunited in November of 2012 for a live show- and posted some videos on YouTube!

DISORDER "FAKE HEADS" 7"EP = I got a vinyl copy of this record (sans the very rare sleeve, tho) so I added rips straight from vinyl (and all 6 tracks this time).  Also included all 6 tracks from the EP instead of just my three favorite ones which, looking back, was silly of me to do back when I first posted it in July of 2007.  Also got rid of the crappy scan of the front of the sleeve and added some nice scans of the front, back and the foldout portion of the sleeve that includes lyrics. 

TAPES "DREAMLAND / IS THAT YOU?" 7" = Added a much better scan of the front of the sleeve, as well as a scan of the labels and the back of the sleeve which reveals band member info for this mysterious outfit.  Jeez, can't believe 5 years(!) has passed since I first posted this thing.  Time flies...


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