You know you're in for a good time when the cover has a great DIY, hand-drawn band
logo with blood and a surgeon's scalpel.  And dig the classic early 80's computer font
at the bottom.

It looks like "The Bowie", later rechristened the mullet, was a requirement for the band
as all six members have one of varying lengths.  Notice how all three of the members with
the classic teenage moustaches are grouped together at the bottom of the sleeve- was this purposeful placement? They even include head shots (or are they Senior class photos?) of
the two female background singers. And dig the lead singer's punk sunglasses (top middle).
Those same type of sunglasses appeared in some punkploitation movies.

I have been meaning to post this cool record for a while, but someone requested it recently so that gave me a kick in the pants to get it up here before it hangs out in my posting queue until 2017 or something.

This LP is not really a punk record per se.  I have heard it described elsewhere as "DIY rock" and that seems like an apt way to describe its vibe.  I would add "teenage" to that description, as it turns out these guys were all high school Seniors at some private school in Puerto Rico called Cupeyville School.  It was originally speculated that these guys were pre-med students (and thus older) and all went to the same university in Puerto Rico but such was not the case.

Speaking of Puerto Rico, I know of NO other punk-ish records that came out of there in the late 70's or early 80's KBD era.  If you are aware of any please post a comment and let me know.

Keep an open mind if any of you "KBD punk purists" decide to give this LP a spin.  Its out-of-the-box sound brings a smile to my face with its thin drum sound, the singer's vocal style and of course the guitar noodling, which sometimes get all mosquito-y and wah-wah-y during some solos.  These soaring space-y synth bursts pop up all dramatically during some of the songs which is pretty funny.  And of course there is that youthful enthusisam which kind of underlies the whole record.

My favorite song is the catchy instrumental "The Bug" (track 5) and my other faves are School Teacher and Senior Power.  The last two songs on the LP (1981 and Can't Get No Tomorrow) lose me a little bit but they still have that teenage DIY vibe to them nonetheless.  And the rest of the LP is so charming and quirky that I kind of give them a "free pass" for their lesser moments.

Side 1.rar
Side 2.rar


1. Brain Damage
2. School Teacher
3. Rock n' Roll
4. Love Me Tonight
5. The Bug

6. Senior Power
7. Real Romance
8. C.T. 'I
9. 1981
10. Can't Get No Tomorrow

Richy (aka R. D'Lima?) = vocals
Ricky Rivera = lead guitar
Tatico Requeña = rhythm guitar
Rene Cardona = bass
Rey Rivera = keyboards
Rigo = drums

Maria Luisa Pagan = back up vocals
Silvia Rico = back up vocals

Thanks to P.R. for unexpectedly hooking me with this LP a little while back!  It was a welcome surprise, as I had never heard of it until he provided me the rips.  I missed the Garage Hangover posting on the M.D.'s from October of 2008.  They used to have a few sample mp3's from the LP up on their site but they have since disappeared for some reason.


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  • 2/27/2013 10:57 AM Martin wrote:
    So now I'm just "someone"? Thanks a lot Tony cool release, and not too bad at all! Seems like the band were quite popular as well in P.R. and that they have reformed and are playing live again.
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