Of course Japan has been on my mind a lot lately because of the devastating earthquake last month.  My wife and I know a number of people native to Japan who live here in the U.S. but whose entire immediate and extended families all still live in Japan so the earthquake kind of hits “closer to home” if you will.  Instead of just saying “Oh, what a shame, that earthquake” and going back to eating dinner it changes to “Oh shit!  I wonder if so-and-so’s family is OK!”  My wife’s big extended family used to all live in New Orleans so this earthquake actually brings back stressful memories for us of trying to locate relatives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Ugh.

Well, on to the Zymotics.  This is their second of their two 7″s and is quite a whomper.  There is this awesome rumble underlying “Watch That Worm” that gives it such an awesome punch and makes it such a great tune.  Everything jells together on that song so nicely- the rumbling bass, great hooky guitar noodling, the off-kilter singing style and the well-placed starts-and-stops.  Excellent, and very catchy and infectious.  Plus I love the “What the hell are they singing about?!” aspect of it: what is the worm, and why should we be watching it?!?  The B-side is great too, full of lots of great guitar noodling, and it has a weird vibe as well underlying it but can’t top “Watch That Worm” for me.  Come to think of it, some of the guitar riffage at the beginning and middle of “Watch That Worm” kinda reminds me of a similar guitar sound in portions of (but not all) of Tyvek’s wonderful “page with one track in that goth-y vein.

Thanks to blog commenter John for providing me rips of this 7″ some time back!  If any of you have an extra vinyl copy of this record please let me know.

/files/98398-90993/02_I_Get_To_Be_Hell.mp3″>I Get To Be Hell.mp3

As a bonus,