35 thoughts on “Kris Methe and The Mistakes (a.k.a. The Suspex)

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  3. The Raveup machine continues its mission of putting out lost punk nuggets from America, grinding out another handful of gems, and as this goes to print yet another batch beyond these have already been released. Nearing 40 LP releases in only a couple of years

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  6. I’m the guitar players wife. The serious driving force behind the band was the drummer, Glenn Fox, he got “hunted” by “The Roys” and now resides in Hollywood. Kris Methe (real name, Chris Massey) changed the format of the band shortly afterward to a cover band, Scott (hubby & Guitarist) couldn’t take the drudgery and left the band, I think they were the Moonlighters by then. He now resides in Virginia and is still playing. Plays bass and guitar. What else you wanna know. Oh … they’re planning another reunion in October. Not sure if all the original members will be there but they’re trying really hard to get it together.

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  8. Hi! I still live in Atlanta. This takes me back. I found this by chance. Yes, this band did in fact morph into The Moonlighters a blues type of cover bar band after The Suspex. From what I remember their sound was unintentionally akin to what Poison 13 conquered a little later on. They could hold their own. My sister dated the (Moonlighters) guitarist William who had played in a different short lived punk band (name slips me) prior. As of the mid 90’s she still had (hope she still does) gotten mainly live and unreleased tapes of all 3 incarnations. There were a lot of great punk bands from Atlanta that don’t get their due. American Hardcore the book and film shaft a lot of cities that had some righteous bands emerge from them. Off the top of my head some bands we had aside to Kris Methe And The Mistakes were The Restraints, The Nightporters, The Tombstones, Neon Christ, DDT, Rotten Gimmick, Family Smack Off, The Anti-Heros, Moonstomp, The Kicker Boys, Liers In Wait, Distemper, Nihilist, Phreddy And The Nightmares, Final Offering, Gardens Of…, Dead Elvis, O.C.B., After Words, Threshold Of Pain, The Brains and The Fans although more avant garde new wave.

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  10. i did pa /mixing for them.they used my stereo as a pa!!!!until we just ended up with a system from God knows where.They were a really fun band…

  11. Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing some memories!  Always good to hear from someone who was there “back in the day”.

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