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  1. Tony,
    as another “googler” I am always so happy when a band or a member has an unique name.
    You pointed the dilemma quite rightly.

    At least one damn copy of this THE MEL 7″
    made its way somehow to Germany as one of my pals put it on KB7inch,eventually.

    I guess as of Californian super-obscurities,the best way to get info´s
    is Brian of GTA, Greg of ARTIFIX, the boys at DISCOURAGE or Mr.Brian from the suburbs of Chicago or or or

    If you have asked everyone of them and still have no info´s about a band,then it must be another Jackie Shark-case of obscurity…
    Cool record ,btw 🙂

  2. One of the highlights of this disc is the excellent DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track that the film’s been given. Not only does it offer a sound that’s rich, detailed, and full, but it also features near-constant engagement of the rear channels. If you listen to the opening theme of John Morris’ score, you’ll hear breathy flutes, horns that punch with a clean timbre, and satisfyingly clear strings.

  3. Mel Brooks is god. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and History of the World Part 1 (part 2 with Hitler on Ice!) are three of my favorite movies of all time. And Spaceballs is probably in my top 10. This collection might be enough to push me over the edge to buy a blu-ray player. 🙂

  4. Ah, gotcha- thanks for the info.  Did you know the band or something?  Feel free to include your e-mail address in your next comment so we can chat some more “offline” (don’t worry, the e-mail address will be hidden in the blog comments so no one else will see it). Thanks for posting some comments, I’d love to learn more about The Mel since they are a total mystery to me.

  5. The Mel was from the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. They played from 1976 to 1986. A Record Company was based in Hollywood at that time.

  6. Thanks much for the info!  Wow, I did not realize that The Mel was around for 10 years.  I will update my posting with this info that you’ve provided.  Being that they were around for so long, do you happen to know if they recorded anything else besides their great 7″?

  7. The Mel also recorded two additional tracks at the same time Modest Living and Block Walk Rock were recorded. The record was to be released as a two 45 set or EP yet the record company held the other two songs for later release. The other unreleased songs were Rainy Day People and Realize. All The Mel songs were original. There were also music videos, hundreds of recorded hours of live gigs, rehearsals and studio out takes.

  8. Thanks again for posting another comment, I’m enjoying the dialogue we’re having this early morning (but I gotta get to work soon here in the Midwest).  Very cool to know about those other two unreleased songs from the 7″ session, as well as all the other unreleased stuff!!!  As being a big fan of the “Block Rock Walk” 7″ I’d LOVE to hear some of the unreleased stuff- feel free to e-mail me offline at punkbusinessmanager-at-yahoo-dot-com if you like so we can chat some more (or just keep posting comments).  Always cool to hear from people in the know.  I have tried Googling The Mel many times and have come up with no information, so what you have told me just this morning is very appreciated to fans of the Mel 7″ like myself.

  9. The Mel fans are known as Melons. Welcome to the club. Hang on to that 7 incher you have, I have seen it posted for sale on the Internet for over $170.

  10. Unfortunately, I do not have a vinyl copy of The Mel 7″- I only have mp3’s that someone I know passed on to me.  However, I would love to own a vinyl copy if you have any extra copies!

  11. I know the story of the band a bit…everything that was mentioned above is true. I also know that silk-screen artist, John Miner, is friends with one of the band members and got his copy from that member (drummer I think). John tells me that this member still has a box of about 100 copies in the rafters of his garage.

  12. i think Watching the Fox Mel Brooks Collection on Blu-ray and two things become readily apparent. One is that Mel Brooks loves movies. He doesn’t just like them he loves them………………..

  13. Yeah…THE MEL is a great punk/alternative rock band and everything Rik said was spot on about them. FYI some of the other rock outfits some of the members of THE MEL played in were Sick Picks, The Rags, Tralfaz and Gus Music. Don’t know why, don’t know when, all I know is more THE MEL music will begin !!!

  14. Funny how a band can simply fade away and then resurface some 10 years later with a bang!! I hope MEL comes out so that people can show their appreciation and convince them they still have the power to “move” people!! Just shows that if you don’t want to be seen it’s so easy to be away from the public eye!! I hope we can get to get more of this mysterious Mel or at least their earlier which I couldn’t get my hands on!!does anyone know how much is justin bieber worth ?

  15. Funny how a band can simply fade away and then resurface some 10 years later with a bang!! I hope MEL comes out so that people can show their appreciation and convince them they still have the power to “move” people!! Just shows that if you don’t want to be seen it’s so easy to be away from the public eye!! I hope we can get to get more of this mysterious Mel or at least their earlier which I couldn’t get my hands on!!

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  19. I saw an entry yesterday on E-Bay China for a 7/4/10 sale of The Mel 45 for $99 and the buyers note said “good deal. thanks!”. I guess $99 is the going rate right now.

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  21. Had no idea who they are. Just got a 7″ copy Sat. Read the blogs and struck my interest being an 80’s music fan. Anyone know where on the internet I can hear this band as I do not have a record player (and I am technology challanged)? Thanks

  22. Hey Marla and Art,
    The Mel released another song (Realize) on RN. This is great to hear this previously unreleased stuff. They have 6 cuts up now.

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  25. Hi Guys, HATE to do it but I’m posting my Mel 45 with Block Walk Rock & Modest Living on Ebay soon. Work is slow and I got to pay the rent. BTW, I just noticed it has the original stickers and poster they were talking about. Thought I would let you all know in case you were interested. Don’t hate me for it. 🙁

  26. Then someone versed in radio? Need a colleague who spoke to briefly on the transistor T2 (not clear how to check the condition = gv1). I hope hams here “deep”. If not quite on, sorry. Forced to write out just do not see. PS: if the spelling is not correct that, too, sorry, I’m 13 years old only.

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  28. John Miner did not get his copy from the drummer. He got it from me. We were housemates for a couple o’years. One of the members is a cousin of mine. I was there for some practices and gigs going back to 1979/80. I had access to the 2 acetates from the sessions (rainy day and realize were never released) as well as a rehearsal tape from the late 70s. All three of these are back in my cousin’s possession. One track on the tape I recall had the lyrics “I don’t wanna be no welfare man.”
    I remember a box full of these in my aunt’s garage for years growing up. There were pink and blue covered versions also. I have about 3 or 4 copies (one sealed, two with no covers), but I gave one of those to John Miner because he is a big punk enthusiast, and we shared music quite a bit in that house.
    As I’m writing this I realize I have the black Gibson G-3 bass used on the recordings. (needs work by the way). Looks just like the one Gene Simmons is holding on the cover of the first Kiss Alive! (extremely close.).
    Growing up there were small piles of stickers, posters, and test prints of various Mel artwork sitting around. I used versions of the inner fold-out square artwork posters (like the one pictured above, but in greenish-browish magenta instead of black)to cover my textbooks in high school. One teacher asked me to turn my book over on the desk because it hurt her eyes when she lectured to us. Too bad for her I had the same print on the back of the book also.
    I remember my family sitting in the living room listening to the radio waiting for the station (KMET probably)
    to play the song. Not sure how they got the airplay, but we knew in advance when they would play it.
    My cousin told me that the band had considered having my voice on Block Walk Rock along with the other back-ups, but it never happened for who knows why. (Tara and Janis are sisters and family of the group. We were approximately the same age…kids.)
    The last 30 seconds or so of Block Walk Rock: the clean guitar leads are obviously influenced by DEVO, imo. I learned of Devo (and everything in the punk pantheon up to that point) from hanging out with my cousin and his weirdo friends at the house where they used to rehearse in what was known back then as South San Gabriel. The guitarist is a real spudboy. They used to have a neighbor named Mel. Forgot what the original band name was. Saw Rik a couple of years ago at a family gathering. Good to see the unreleased tracks are finally out there.

  29. Spud Mel…who are you? I can’t figure it out from your post.
    Jennifer Michelle Waters
    (backup on Block Rock Walk)

    Also…not my real name. Either the band thought my real name sounded too “ethnic”, or my parents didn’t want their little 5 year old’s real name on a record. I never bothered asking why.

    Rik’s story is totally legit. He is a bonefide member of The Mel.

    I bought a burned CD of Block Rock Walk and Modest Living from some website a few years back. It was nice hearing the songs again. Damn I wish I had some of the stickers though. My only copy of the record has just the vinyl and sleeve. I probably stupidly put the stickers on a school folder or something when I was younger. They’re long gone now.

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