8 thoughts on “U.S. Mods

  1. Actually, in the picture, that’s (l-r) Pat, Adrian, Jimmy. I NEVER had a pair of flare-legged jeans. 🙂

    It never ceases to amaze me that people care anything about this 45 nearly 28 years later. Thanks for the good words!

  2. Who can forget the US MODS, the all conquering band of the 1980s? They occupied center stage only for a short period of time. But their songs are immensely popular even today. Their songs were really amazing. I have always enjoyed it. The most striking quality of theirs songs is that they help to ease our feelings. It is really a pity that they disbanded the band so soon. I hope that they will unite again. This is indeed a wonderful blog which provides a lot of information. I found it particularly nostalgic. I hope that the blogger will continue the good work in future also.

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