57 thoughts on “Plain Jane and The Jokes

  1. I believe you’re right Tony. It’s not one of the greatest LPs ever, but it’s still a damn fine album, even if her voice gets a bit annoying after a while. Thanks for posting it, and for the extra info on the Disco Zombies.

  2. Last time I stopped in a hippie store I got the first Descendents 7″ and the Bodysnatchers (TX) for a buck each. Of course that was like 15 years ago and I thought both of the records sucked. You might have fucked up. I believe the phrase is “I’ll only be a second, you can wait in the car if you want to” and then you dig through the piles until they come in and get you.

  3. Weren´t the INSULTS from Monterey actually? I must belong to the minority prefering their 1st 7″ “Population Zero” over the “Stiff Love” one…?!


  5. This is weird, so I work with this man who would go on and on about punk music. Told me he was in a band called “Nobody”. So he lent me one of his cd’s to hear what his music sounded like. I was surprised it was good! So he says he has 40 copies of his vinyl record. So he sells me on for 10$. He said they changed their name, they used to be called “The Insults”! So I see he has 4 covers. I search the web tring to find out who made “class war” and I found this website. It’s so weird reading about people discussing Richard!! Ha I work with the guy 4 days a week. I had no idea people still remember him and talk about him. Hey if you have any questions for richard I can rely them to you. Man what a small world.

  6. just spoke to Mr. Sikk and he said that Brian F. and Richard W. were the bassist and drummer. The same ones from “The Insults”. Also they are from Monterey.

  7. Debby is my sister and I remember the rehearsals on Carlton Dr in Del Rey Oaks downstairs at Richards mother Sylvia’s house. It was cool I am surprised the house did not vibrate of its foundation. I have a few of the original neon green 45’s signed by Richard saying “you got gypted Ha Ha” and the Plain Jane album. Last I heard Richard was in Gridline the band out of Seattle.

  8. Indeed, they were from Monterey, Richard and Debbie lived in Del Rey Oaks to be exact. I sat in the basement through many many band practices. Loved the Insults, have the ep’s and Plain Jane album somewhere. Always wondered whatever became of Richard, Brian, etc. If you still see Richard tell him that Karla says hey.

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  10. Allo’ Joe
    Greeting’s from sunny England…I just heard the Insults today on youtube and geez I was blown away.
    I did some searching and found your post. Are you able to pass my message onto Richard, it would be appreciated.

    Basically, if possible I would love a copy of each of their 7”s :-)could you ask him for me?

    Best Wishes

  11. Hi Joe
    Would you mind asking Richard if he would happen to have a copy of each Insults 7” It would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Wishes from sunny England

  12. I should chime in here as the former Bass player for the insults.
    While I’m sure that the I played on each of the singles and the LP tracks compiled by Roger Mah, I can’t be sure about the Plain Jane album. However we had started new recordings in the studio as The Insults, during which time the band began to split up, or at least I never finished the recordings or saw how they were completed. When I listen to the PJ LP, I think I recognize my own bass playing on a few of the tracks, but not on all of them. All of the songs on PJ were part of the Insults’ set list and are identical in arrangement etc. R. Watts is definitely the drummer. Only Shively (aka Sikk) knows for sure.
    We definitely all lived around the Monterey Peninsula. We even hosted shows at the fairgrounds inviting the Dils, Victims, Tools and others to play shows with us.
    The first two recordings were in Watsonville while the PJ album started in one of the old canneries in Monterey.
    The PJ album has some of my favorites on it. It was definitely had the best sound quality. Even still if all of us (The Insults) played on the record, it is Plain Jane and Jokes. Deborah’s vocals give it a whole different style and sound. Not plain at all. But I’m sure there was a joke in there somewhere. Whaaa. There you have it, sort of.
    (Disclaimer, I don’t have any 7″ vinyl to sell, but thanks for the continued enthusiasm.)

  13. I met Plain Jane today in Monterey CA. I manage a pop punk band called The High Voltage Band, and we had our band t shirts on along with “Defend Pop Punk” This very nice lady started talking to us about the good old days of her career, and she was pretty cool. That is how I ended up on this post. I love meeting people from the past punk scene. We have been hanging out a 924 Gilman but talking to Plane Jane was awesome.Now I got to hear here music. Thanks! Jane now works at a shop in Monterey and I’m sure people pass by her all day long, and don’t know the cool stuff she got to do back in the 70’s & 80’s.

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