Lou Miami and The Kozmetix



5.12.2009 UPDATE
I’ve updated this posting by adding an mp3 of the B-side, “To Sir With Love”.  I was about to say “enjoy” but I’m not sure if you’re going to like it- let me know.

Here’s a great song that, for some reason, was never included on a KBD-type comp during the 1995-2000 boom period of those comps, way before blog mania and the conveninence of having old stuff posted everywhere online.  [Come to think of it, in this decade there’s really only been two great vinyl comps of KBD-type stuff- 2001’s No One Left To Blame LP and 2005’s Staring Down The Barrel.  And those were seemingly put out by the same chap.  But I digress…]

“Fascist Lover
would have fit well on a late 90’s KBD comp, what with its fast pace and especially those thundering, barnstorming drums that really jump out at ya during the breaks (and ESPECIALLY during the last 20 seconds of the song- damn!).  The drumming is one of the highlights for me, right along with the kooky-ass lyrics and the tall tale singer Lou Miami tells about his mother getting knocked up by a Nazi exile in South America after WWII.  Huh?!  Pretty off the wall stuff, especially the chant of A fascist lover made my mother, and then my mother made me.  Hilarious.  And, to top it all, there’s a nice sharp gee-tar solo in the middle from guitarist Jack Rootoo (who, incidentally, died in June of 2008.  Lou is dead too, but more on that later…)

Er, but then theres the flipside- a homoerotic cover of To Sir With Love that was made famous in the late 60’s movie of the same name with Sidney Potier (?!?).  So Lou Miami kept up the fine KBD tradition of one great song per record by choosing this as the flipside.  Actually, it’s not THAT bad of a B-side I guess- there are ones far, far worse– and I have kind of sort of kind of warmed up to it over the years.  Or maybe just gotten used to it being there.  But it’s still a total departure from the A-side so I have not included it.  If I get some requests to post it, I will then probably toss it on here.

Now, if Lou Miami really released this record in 1982 Boston (some people say 1980), I bet he was a HUGE hit with the muscle-flexing, shaved head hardcore boys club since apparently he was a somewhat flamboyant character and wore makeup or drag sometimes on stage.  Even the sleeve of the record is supposed to look like a Lord & Taylor cosmetics bag, fer Chrissake, complete with a plastic handle at the top- LOL!  All that combined would have no doubt put him on the hit list of the “youth crew of youth.

/files/98398-90993/02_To_Sir_With_Love.mp3″>To Sir With Love.mp3

There is a nice fan tribute page that I got some of my information from for this posting- go here to read the whole thing and to see some rare pictures and flyers of the band.  According to that page and other sources, Lou Miami started playing in Boston around 1978 at famous places like The Rat and he and the Kozmetix ceased to exist in either 1984 or 1985.  Besides the single, they also released a 6-song 12″EP in 1982 on the well-known (but spotty) Modern Method label.  Circa 1985, they released the 6-song
Rituals” 12″EP on Chuck Warner’s Throbbing Lobster label- both of those later records were posted on this blog.  The band also appeared on two comps, the “Sounds Electric” LP on the Revolution Records label and the “Boston Gets Stoned LP that was on the Bowtown label and is a bunch of Rolling Stones covers (anyone have any of this stuff?  Both of those comps are probably crap but I still wouldn’t mind hearing em for curiosity’s sake).  According to the above fan page, Lou Miami got into witchcraft (?!) in- where else- Salem, MA and then died in Los Angeles of the ol’- ahem- “natural causes, heart failure” the first week of August 1995, just shy of his 40th birthday.