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  1. Just thought I’d clear that up for you… Rude’s still in the area, just moved to Alameda. The reason why these cd’s are on German ebay is that Rudy gave me a whole bunch since he had so many left (smelly cardboard boxes chock full, indeed), and after I gave some to my friends, I sold the rest off on ebay to get the word out about this great band. I still have some CD’s of the 1996 issue of “jacked up urban modified”, though, so if anyone’s interested in buying, let me know. Rude also burned a cd for me with lots of great tracks from the early 80s to the mid-90s, if you want to post it drop me a line and I’ll rip and upload it for you, I don’t think Rude would have a problem with it. I’m not aware of any legal reissues either. Thanks for putting up the covers of the old 7″s, I didn’t have those. Keep up the great work! greetings from Germany

  2. Breakouts are great. one of the most underrated SF bands. I’d love to buy the CD. if you can burn a copy of the live recordings, that would be great too … also, if you are in contact with Rudy, please pass along my email address. I’m starting an archive of bay area underground music circa late 70’s, and his input would be helpful. my website, http://www.timerelease.org, has some shows listed. eventually it will be searchable by bands, venues, etc.

  3. Please, I am an old friend of Rude’s (and wife and twins!) that was living with Rude after I got out of the Navy in 1980. We lived on Fell St. I remember when Agent Orange played drums and ‘all we waana do’ and ‘just a millirem’ were being pressed. A lost dear friend. Help reconneting would be so great!

    Thank you,
    Brian Abbott

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  6. Brian Abbott introduced me to Rude in 1978 when I was in the Navy. I was given one of the first demos of Waiting for a change-all we wanna do. I still have it and it is one of my most prized possession.

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  9. Just wanted to clear something up..The above article spelled our Band name wrong..We were called Spit A Kiss not Split A Kiss…lol. Also,I never stated that Rudy left Sf after Breakouts split up on my Myspace Spit A Kiss profile which by the way has disappeared for some strange reason shortly after my last pc had crashed,so that may had something to do with that. What I had stated was that Tim Hitchman,the singer guitarist for Spit a Kiss and drummer for the Breakouts had Vanished. Some years later I made contact with him and he now resides in San Diego,Ca. As for Rudy Fontaine,Singer/guitarist of the Breakouts,I had lost his number and address a few years after i’d moved to SeattHOLE,Wa and when i last visited SF about 3 years ago,I walked up and down Page st in his neighborhood ringing apartment door buzzers trying to find him being i’d forgot which place was his and after all these years my memory is a bit hazy.. As far as i know he still lives in Sf and i’d love for him to contact me or anyone else that knows where all of our split 7 inch Spit a kiss/Breakouts singles are ,500 to 1000 pressed and our Breakouts 1000 / pressed cd’s went. hell,I don’t even own a copy of either one and played bass for both bands! I just wanna know if they ever got put out in the world and if i can get my hands on a few copies… Also i’d like to maybe do a Cd discography of both Spit a Kiss and Breakouts,all recordings and a detailed biography of both bands and maybe a write up of the scene in Sf at that time..I can be contacted at yellowjacketgardening@fastmail.fm Thanks…Geoff at Large Seattle,wa 2012

  10. hey..I just got a lead on rudy’s whereabouts…so, to the cool guy that started this thread,contact me and i’ll give you his phone number…also please re edit Split a Kiss to Spit a Kiss! ha ha…Thanks,man…Geoff at Large Ps. if i have to buy a copy of my own cd,i will..no prob…just PLEASE contact me!

  11. Hey! Geoff At Large here,bassist from The Breakouts…Please contact me…still no reply from anyone and would like to purchase some copies of my cd…I lost my copies of the cd and split 7 inch many years ago..any info greatly appreciated! Thanks…Contact at: yellowjacketgardening@fastmail.fm or 206-353-1468

  12. Hey talk to Tim, I just called him yesterday and said you were in Washington so gimme a call “Geoff at Large” LOL 🙂

  13. I seen The Breakouts in Madison, Wi. 1985 w/ Italy’s Raw Power..partied w/Rudy & bassist Pete they were cool..The Breakouts were a great band,,found their EP in Frisco that same summer..wish I still had it..

  14. I have a 45 from these guys. It was given to me by my mom witch was given to her and my dad by my uncle Rudy… must have been from the late 70’s early 80’s. I will try to post a photo some time. We were never super close because we live in different states.. but I use to see him when I went out in the summer.. He was always a pretty cool guy.. I haven’t seen him since before my grandma died.. I went to see her one last time but it was only a two day trip and I didn’t see Rudy or my aunt and cousins 🙁 Last I herd he moved to Alameda :/

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