My Top 250 Songs

[I know, I haven’t posted anything to the site in more than 3 months which is like 10 years in “blog time”.  So I’m sure people have probably either given up on me and stopped checking the site to see what’s new.  Maybe some folks got mad and even deleted me from their internet favorites, har har.

I’d love to be able to post stuff every day like some other music blogs- I still enjoy doing this and have not “burned out” on it or anything like some others.  Family-related concerns and selling stuff on eBay (but mostly family stuff) has had to take precedence over the blog unfortunately.

My internet connection has been down for almost a week which for me, to quote my wife, was being like a crackhead without a pipe.  Good one- touche!  So when it was down naturally I couldn’t stay off the computer so I started putzing around with my iPod and putting together a playlist of my all-time favorite songs which is something I’ve actually been meaning to do for a while.]

So here it is, my all-time favorite songs.  NOT favorite records, because (a) that’s a whole different posting and (b) some of the flipsides of these singles or EP’s are mediocre or crappy aside from one good song.  Now please don’t expect that I was going to include mp3’s of all of these- ha!  I definitely don’t have time for that so you’ll just have to suffer through a text-only posting.  A lot of these tunes have been posted in various fashions on other blogs but, again, I didn’t have time to provide links to other people’s postings- I wish!

I didn’t originally intend this to be 250 songs- I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be nor did I really care.  I just started making a separate playlist from all the songs on my iPod and went from there.  It just happens that, after a little fat trimming, it came out to 250.  So as you can see I didn’t set up all these little nerdy rules like I’ve seen on some other “Top 10” lists on other blogs like “A band can only appear once and not have repeat appearances” . Forget that- some bands might be on here with 3, 4 or 5 different songs because they’re ALL fucking great.

Basically, these are the tunes that I never get tired of and that I keep coming back to over and over as the years pass by.  With some of these songs, it’s the intense music that gets me hooked and lyrics are not important per se (although singing style definitely is).  Lyrics are totally inconsequential when they’re not in English since I know no other languages.  With other songs, the lyrics are great and very personal and have a lot of meaning and are more intense than the music.  With some, it’s both factors put together.  Er, I think I’m explaining myself a little too much here…

Of the 250, I did create a Top 40 so you can see which ones still give me that punch in the gut every time I listen to them and haven’t lost any of their impact or sharpness over the years.  The list is alpha only, though- nothing on it is ranked #1, #2, etc.  I find it too hard to do that since some days I may be way into one song but then another tune the next day to the same degree.  It’s funny, I’ve been listening to some of these songs since I got into punk over 20 years ago and they still have that some “umph!” to them and it can still “feel like the first time”.  One the same hand, some songs I absolutely loved 20+ years ago are nowhere on here.  If anything, my tastes have broadened (read: NOT the much-dreaded “matured”) over time- which is good- to include some energetic non-punk stuff and whatnot.  As you’ll see there’s some 60’s stuff on here, an Afrobeat tune, some funk, das jazz, some early metal, some- gasp!- early 90’s hip hop (back when it had depth and didn’t follow the stupid, embarrassing and tiresome “guns, bitches and bling” formula but that’s another issue).  Hell, my list even has a fucking Ike and Tina Turner track where her voice is just amazing and intense.  Yeah!

My main interests are 90’s punk, a small amount of HC and Back From The Grave-type of 60’s punk, but my main love is still Killed By Death-type stuff from the late 70’s and early 80’s (especially ’78 and ’79).  KBD stuff has been ruling my roost consistently for close to 15 years now.  I just love the “splendid fuckedness” and wonderful trainwrecks of so many KBD-type tunes that creates a sort of other worldliness to them for me.

OK, enough babbling- here’s the list.  Criticize me and/or scream “What’s that doing on here?!” for some some of my choices.  Or- in true nerdy fashion- correct me and/or debate me on some wrong dates and locales if you wish.  This is assuming, of course, that anyone will read and/or comment on this posting to begin with.

Alan Milman Sect- Stitches In My Head (NYC, 1977)
Bad Brains- Big Takeover (NYC, 1981)
Bad Brains- Pay To Cum (7” version) (D.C., 1980)
Black Flag- Damaged II (with Dez only, from 'Everything Went Black') (CA, 1980)
Bobby Soxx- Scavenger of Death (TX, 1980)
Buzzcocks- What Do I Get? (U.K., 1978)
Cheifs- Blues (CA, 1980)
Crime- Hot Wire My Heart (SF, 1976)
Dead Kennedys- Holiday In Cambodia (SF, 1980)
Detention- Dead Rock n' Rollers (NJ, 1983)
Dicks- Rich Daddy (TX, 1983)
Eat- Communist Radio (FL, 1979)
Electric Eels- Agitated (Cleveland, 1975)
Endtables- Process of Elimination (KY, 1979)
Filth- Don't Hide Your Hate (Holland, 1978)
Flesheaters- The Word Goes Flesh (CA, 1979)
Frantix- My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic (Denver, 1983)
Gasoline- Killerman (France, 1977)
Germs- No God (CA, 1978)
KAOS- Alcoholiday (CA, 1980)
Kriminella Gitarrer- Vardad Klädsel (Sweden, 1978)
Mad- I Hate Music (NYC, 1978)
Mad Virgins- Fuck & Suck (Belgium, 1978)
Maids- Back To Bataan (CA, 1979)
Mentally Ill- Gacy's Place (IL, 1979)
Middle Class- Out of Vogue (CA, 1978)
Nasal Boys- Hot Love (Switzerland, 1977)
Normals- Almost Ready (N'Leans, 1978)
Pagans- Dead End America (Cleveland, 1978)
Pagans- What's This Shit Called Love (Cleveland, 1978)
Public Disturbance- S&M (NJ, 1983)
Razar- Stamp Out Disco (Australia, 1978)
Really Red- Modern Needs (TX, 1980)
Rude Kids- Absolute Ruler (Sweden, 1979)
Sonics- The Witch (LP version) (Seattle, 1965)
Iggy and The Stooges- Search and Destroy (Detroit, 1973)
Tapeworm- Break My Face (CT, 1978)
Teengenerate- This Is Rock n' Roll (Japan, 1995)
Weirdos- Solitary Confinement (CA, 1978)
Wipers- Over The Edge (Portland, 1983)

A Tribe Called Quest- Award Tour (NYC, 1993)
Absentees- Tryin' To Mess With Me (CA, 1981)
Action- T.V.'s on The Blink (Canada, 1979)
Adolescents- Kids of The Black Hole (CA, 1981)
A-Frames- Nobot (Seattle, 2001)
Agent Orange- Bloodstains (I prefer the 'Rodney On ROQ v.1' version) (CA, 1980)
Alleycats- Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (CA, 1978)
Angry Samoans- Lights Out (CA, 1982)
Attentat- Omyndiga (Sweden, 1979)
Bad Brains- Don't Need It (NYC, 1981)
Bad Posture- Time For Smack (SF, 1983)
Big Boys- Which Way to Go (TX, 1984)
Black Flag- Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (CA, 1978)
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown (CA, 1978)
Black Flag- Rise Above (CA, 1981)
Black Market Baby- Potential Suicide (D.C., 1981)
Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath (U.K., 1970)
Black Sabbath- Electric Funeral (U.K., 1971)
Black Sabbath- The Wizard (U.K., 1970)
Black Sheep- Flavor of The Month (NYC, 1992)
Bollocks- Another City (MD, 1981)
BPeople- Can Can't (CA, 1981)
Brats- Magazine (Denmark, 1979)
BVD- Duty (Holland, 1980)
Cardiac Kidz- Get Out (CA, 1979)
CH3- I'll Take My Chances (CA, 1983)
CH3- Manzanar (12”EP version) (CA, 1981)
China White- Dangerzone (CA, 1981)
Circle Jerks- World Up My Ass (CA, 1980)
Clash- Police and Thieves (U.K., 1977)
Consumers- Teen Love Song (AZ, 1979)
Controllers- (The Original) Neutron Bomb (CA, 1977)
Controllers- Jezebel (CA, 1979)
Cramps- New Kind of Kick (NYC, 1980?)
Creation- Making Time (U.K., 1966)
Crime- Frustration (SF, 1977)
Crowd- Modern Machine (CA, 1979)
Cult Heroes- Berlin Wall (MI, 1979)
Curtis Mayfield- Pusher Man (Chicago, 1971)
D.D.T.- I'm Walking Down The Psychopath (GA, 1983)
D.O.A.- Fuck You (Canada, 1981)
D.O.A.- I Don't Give A Shit (Canada, 1981)
D.O.A.- The Prisoner ('Let Them Eat Jellybeans' version) (Canada, 1981)
D.R.I.- Sad To Be (TX, 1983)
Da Slyme- Kickin Till I Die (Canada, 1979)
Damned- Neat Neat Neat (TX, 1968)
Dave Brubeck- Take Five (U.S., 1961)
Dead Boys- Sonic Reducer (I prefer the rougher 'Younger, Louder & Snottier' version) (Cleveland, 1977)
Dead Kennedys- California Uber Alles (LP version) (SF, 1980)
Dead Kennedys- Kill The Poor (SF, 1980)
Dead Kennedys- Moon Over Marin (SF, 1982)
Dead Kennedys- Police Truck (SF, 1980)
Defnics- 51% (Cleveland, 1981)
Desperate Bicycles- The Medium Was Tedium (U.K., 1977)
Devo- Whip It (CA, 1980)
Dicks- Hate the Police (TX, 1980)
Digable Planets- Where I'm From (Aural G. Remix) (NYC, 1993)
Dils- Class War (CA, 1977)
Dils- Mr. Big (CA, 1977)
Dirt Shit- Exit (Austria, 1979)
Discharge- Realities of War (U.K., 1980)
Dogs (France)- Charlie Was A Good Boy (France, 1977)
Dow Jones & The Industrials- Can't Stand The Midwest (IN, 1980)
Eddie and The Subtitles- American Society (CA, 1980)
Endtables- Circumcision (KY, 1979)
Eppu Normaali- Poliisi pamputtaa taas (Finland, 1978)
Eric B & Rakim- Don't Sweat the Technique (U.S., 1992)
Ernie & The Top Notes- Dap Walk (N'Leans, 1972)
Fix- Vengeance (MI, 1980)
Flipper- Brainwash (SF, 1981)
Flipper- Ha Ha Ha (SF, 1981)
Flipper- Sex Bomb Baby (7” version) (SF, 1981)
Flyin' Spiderz- City Boy (Holland, 1978)
Gang Green- Snob (MA, 1982)
Gang of Four- Damaged Goods (LP Version) (U.K., 1979)
Gears- Let's Go To The Beach (CA, 1979)
Generation X- Your Generation (U.K., 1978)
Germs- Forming (CA, 1977)
Geza X- Isotope Soap ('Let Them Eat Jellybeans' version) (CA, 1981)
Gizmos- Amerika First (IN, 1977)
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five- The Message (NYC, 1982)
Grim/Klone Band- Heat's Rising (NJ, 1978)
Guilty Razors- Don't Wanna Be A Rich (France via Spain, 1978)
Haskels- Takin' The City By Storm (WI, 1980)
Helmettes- I Don't Care What The People Say (Holland, 1978)
Hitler SS- Slave (Italy, 1979)
Hooker- Young & Suicidal (MA, 1975?)
Human Hands- New Look (CA, 1981?)
Husker Du- Diane (MN, 1983)
Ice 9- Revolting Mess (Portland, 1979)
Intravein- Speed of The City (U.K., 1978)
Iron Cross- New Breed (D.C., 1981)
Ivy Green- I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It (Holland, 1978)
Jay Reatard- Blood Visions (TN, 2006)
Jerry's Kidz- Marionetts (NM, 1983)
Jeru The Damaga- Come Clean (NYC, 1993)
Jesters of Newport- Stormy (CA, 1966)
Johnny Concrete- Johnny, Johnny (Denmark, 1980)
Keggs- To Find Out (MI, 1966)
KFC- Kriminalpogo (Germany, 1979)
Klips 1988- Ultimatum (U.K., 1979)
KMD- Peachfuzz (NYC, 1991)
Kneecappers- Tumor (Cleveland, 1979)
Kraut- Unemployed (LP version) (NYC, 1982)
Kriminella Gitarrer- Silvias Unge (Sweden, 1978)
KRS-One- Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love) (NYC, 1990)
Laudernunnan- Ensam i natt (Sweden, 1979)
Legionaire's Disease Band- Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head) (TX, 1979)
Les Thugs- I Love You So (France, 1991)
Link Wray- Bo Diddley (D.C., 1965?)
Link Wray- Rumble (D.C., 1959?)
Los Reactors- Dead In The Suburbs (OK, 1980)
Lost Cause- Born Dead (CA, 1981)
Lost Sounds- Plastic Skin (7EP version) (TN, 2000)
Love- 7 and 7 Is (CA, 1967)
M.D.- Manisch Depressiv, Part 1 (Switzerland, 1983)
Machines- True Life (U.K., 1978)
Manu Dibango- Soul Makossa (Cameroon, 1972)
Massmedia- Jag Vill Ingenting (Sweden, 1979)
MC5- Kick Out the Jams (Detroit, 1968)
Meatmen- Orgy of One (Demo version) (MI, 1981)
Mentally Ill- Tumor Boy (IL, 1979)
Metal Urbain- Panik (France, 1977)
Meters- Cissy Strut (N'Leans, 1969)
Mike Rep & The Quotas- Rocket To Nowhere (OH, 1975)
Minor Threat- 12XU (D.C., 1981)
Mirrors- Shogeki-x (Japan, 1978)
Misfits- Hollywood Babylon (NJ, 1978)
Monks- Monk Time (Germany via U.S., 1966)
Mort Subite- Ich Liebe Ulrike (Holland, 1980)
Mox Nix- We Won´t Be Controlled (CA, 1982)
Music Machine- Talk Talk (CA, 1966)
Naked Raygun- I Lie (Chicago, 1983)
Negative FX- Feel Like A Man (Boston, 1982)
Negative Trend- Mercenaries (SF, 1978)
Next- Cheap Rewards (TX, 1979)
Nights and Days- These Days (Seattle, 1989)
NNB- Slack (MN, 1978)
No Tag- No Tag (NZ, 1982)
Outcasts- 1523 Blair (TX, 1967)
Pack (Germany)- Remote Controlled (Germany, 1978)
Pekinska Patka- Bela Sljiva (Yugoslavia, 1979)
Penetrators- Teenage Lifestyle (NY, 1979)
Plugz- Achin' (7” version) (CA, 1979)
P-Nissarna- Jugend (Sweden, 1980)
Poison Idea- Lifestyles (Portland, 1986)
Powertrip- Lab Animal (CA, 1982)
Private Dicks- She Said Go (U.K., 1979)
Problem- Va Har Ja Gjort? (Sweden, 1977)
Professionals- (Join The) Professionals (U.K., 1981)
Public Enemy- Bring The Noise (NYC, 1987)
Public Enemy- She Watch Channel Zero (NYC, 1988)
PVC- Waiting For WW III (Germany, 1979)
Queers- We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin (NH, 1982)
Question Mark & The Mysterians- 96 Tears (Detroit, 1966)
Reactors (CT)- I Want Sex (CT, 1979)
Really Red- Teaching You The Fear (TX, 1981)
Really Red- Too Political? (TX, 1981)
Red Decade- Scars of Lust (Cleveland, 1982)
Rejex- Niagara Baby (Australia, 1980)
Rhino 39- Prolixin Stomp (CA, 1979)
Riots- I Can Go On (U.S., 1966?)
Rocket From The Tombs- 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Cleveland, 1975)
Run-DMC- Peter Piper (NYC, 1986)
Rutto- Mi Vihaan (Finland, 1983)
S.S. Decontrol- Glue (Boston, 1983)
Saints- (I'm) Stranded (Australia, 1977)
Saints- Erotic Neurotic (Australia, 1977)
Screamin' Mee-Mees- Hot Sody (MO, 1976)
Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days (FL, 1982)
Shattered Faith- We Love America (7” version) (CA, 1981)
Shitdogs- Reborn (LA, 1981)
Shock- This Generation's On Vacation (CA, 1978)
Skunks- Earthquake Shake (TX, 1979)
Snails- Snails Love Theme (GA, 1966)
Snuky Tate- Stage Speech (SF, 1979)
Social Distortion- 1945 (13th Floor Version) (CA, 1982)
Social Distortion- Hour of Darkness (CA, 1982)
Sonics- Strychnine (Seattle, 1965)
Sperma- Bombs (Switzerland, 1979)
SS- Blitzkrieg Bop (Japan, 1979)
Stains- John Wayne Was A Nazi (I prefer the 7” version) (TX, 1980)
Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog (Detroit, 1969)
Subhumans (U.K.)- Subvert City (U.K., 1982)
Suicidal Tendencies- Institutionalized (CA, 1983)
Swimming Pool Q's- Rat Bait (GA, 1979)
T.S.O.L.- Abolish Government/Silent Majority (CA, 1981)
T.S.O.L.- Sounds of Laughter (CA, 1981)
Tampax- UFO Dictator (Italy, 1979)
Teen Idles- Get Up and Go (D.C., 1980)
Testors- You Don't Break My Heart (NYC, 1977)
Thee Undertakers- Death Breath (Skull Version) (CA, 1981)
Tiki Men- Black Cat (CA, 1994)
Tronics- Shark Fucks (U.K., 1981)
Ike and Tina Turner- River Deep, Mountain High (U.S., 1966)
Tyrades- I Am Homicide (Chicago, 2004)
Tyvek- Mary Ellen Claims (Detroit, 2006)
U.X.B.- Mr. Fixit (U.K., 1980)
Undertones- Teenage Kicks (7” version) (U.K., 1978)
Units- Cannibals (SF, 1979)
Unnatural Axe- They Saved Hitler's Brain (MA, 1978)
Urinals- Ack Ack Ack (CA, 1979)
Vains- School Jerks (Seattle, 1980)
Vandals- Urban Struggle (12”EP version) (CA, 1982)
Velvet Underground- The Gift (NYC, 1967)
Victims- Television Addict (Australia, 1977)
Weirdos- Destroy All Music (CA, 1977)
Wire- 12XU (U.K., 1977)
X (Australia)- Simulated Lovers (Australia, 1980)
YDI- Zombie Youth (Demo version) (Philadelphia, 1982)

Maybe I’ll add a few more songs and revise this list if I realize that I forgot some.  But no promises there…

Let me just say that an iPod is such an easy way to manage all yer music.  I do not mean this as bragging, but my iPod has like 6,000 songs on it and they’re all at my fingertips everyday with no CD’s or cassettes to fumble around with (after my initial fumbling of course when I have to rip the tracks from vinyl and those other sources).  An iPod makes it so easy to create a list like I just did in a relatively short amount of time with NO retyping.  Once the playlist was set, I exported it to a text file, cleaned it up a little and then tossed that text into a Word file.  Very easy and non-labor intensive and carpal tunnel-free.  I know some of you who do still do not own iPods but if you can afford it I would highly encourage it.  Sell a few records to raise the money if you haveta.  Or, shit, ask yer Mom to get you one since you’re still living in her basement anyway, he he.


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  • 8/1/2008 2:18 AM Adny wrote:
    Wait one second. There's nothing here that's even remotely embarrassing. What were you too ashamed to put on this list? Let's have it.
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  • 8/19/2008 9:57 AM jeff wrote:
    i approve of yr list...

    i've kinda sorta been doing the same thing the past few days w/ my ipod. hardcore jamz playlist is holding @ a bloated 305 songs, all pre-90...

    good times...
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  • 2/20/2009 9:15 AM video slot machine game wrote:
    I am totally a music freak, but it would take time to find the right kind of choice among the list you have been posted above.
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  • 3/25/2009 11:53 PM Chris C. wrote:
    Dude...your taste is awesome. I could listen to any of your listed music and feel like I'm in my home. You rule!
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  • 4/18/2010 2:21 PM Vending Machine wrote:
    Your list is certainly eclectic! I was always a fan of Agent Orange and the Circle Jerks. Have you ever checked out The Minutemen? They were another SST-label band that was really cool. Great list!

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  • 8/30/2010 7:48 AM cloud computing wrote:
    Thanks for such wonderful post.
    keep posting more...I really like your site...totally devoted to music...
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