7 thoughts on “Factory (CA)

  1. I have noticed that many of your blogs were very thorough and they didn’t leave much of anything out. I haven’t really listened enough to this album that I can really comment on it. The little I did here wasn’t that amazing. They are going to be in concert next month in St. Louis.

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  2. Dennis from The Factory: Agree with the critique on the artwork. It was truly DIY and could have been much better. They say packaging is everything. How true. We were going to do an EP (we have 2 other basic tracks from that session), but never completed the vocals to the other songs. We played a few shows with Saccharine Trust and Redd Kross. Funny, I remember seeing a copy of our 7 inch in the bargain bin of the local record store for 99cents. Now, collectors are paying $35 per record. It’s truly a “World Gone Mad”. Cheers!

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